Agent CX, also called "Charlie" by his partner, is a secret agent belonging to an unnamed organization.


The Agent is a tall, rather pale man in his mid 20s. He has blond hair, and dresses in a dark suit. CX usually carries a pair of sleek sunglasses in his pockets.

Dark CharlieEdit

CX's Dark Ultra form is a lithe, mostly silver and black being with cybernetic attachments. His head resembles that of Nexus, with the "long hair" crest and oval-shaped eyes. A targeting reticle is mounted over his right eye, with a large power cord reaching into a set of angular protectors. Heavy gauntlets are fitted on his hands, which feature a form of Specium Emitters.


Unlike his companion, CX is quite suspicious and jumps to the conclusion that events are either supernatural or extraterrestrial. He is quite eager to prove his theories true, much to the chagrin of Agent JD.


At some point, CX was employed by a shadowy organization that investigates and deals with unexplained phenomena. He was then partnered with the skeptical Agent JD, who helped to balance out his craziness. One of their most notable cases was tracking down a rogue agent who had created a small army of robots. After confronting their target, and promptly being pursued by aforementioned robots, the agents were forced to escape.

Later, the agents traced an alien signal to Elath's school.