Agent JD, or "Jennifer", is Agent CX's more rational friend and partner.


JD is shorter than CX, with a similar complexion and darker hair. She dresses in a suit as well, and carries larger/aviator sunglasses.


In definite contrast to CX's eccentricity, JD is calmer, quieter and generally more rational. For the most part, she can talk her partner out of doing something that would be a little too far 'out there.' On rare occasions she has slapped CX over the head to get him to stop such things.


An member of the same shadowy organization as CX, JD helps with investigation of odd cases. In her opinion, the oddest of the odd was when they were forced to hide in a bathtub from a rogue agent's army of robots.

On one mission, the pair of agents ended up in Elath's school, in search of aliens. When DUP attacked, she managed to avoid the cybernetic creature and was only able to watch as her partner was transformed into a Dark Ultra.