An Angeloid and member of the Board of Directors. His real name is Haos. He is more commonly called Akreious. He is in charge of 'Human Resources'.

Appearance Edit

While most are gold or silver suits of armor, with hoods, Akre is a tall menacing suit of black armor, with runes which burn with chaotic green flames. These same flames cover both pairs of his wings. His waist armor, sports writing and chaotic symbols.

Human Form Edit

His more common form, he is a young man of Asian descent, with short black hair and brown eyes. He is commonly in a grey sweater and blue jeans and often found eating cheese puffs or Oreos (No one seems sure where he gets them)

Personality Edit

Rather laid back and somewhat random, as shown by his preference for his human form. He is also somewhat random earning his title, Angeloid of Chaos.

He is often found snacking on junk food and is rather approachable, especially when compared to the other Council members. That said, he is usually the most blood thirsty of the group and the one that has to be restrained the most.

History Edit

Called the Angeloid of Chaos, Akre was most likely put on the council, to be watched and made head of 'Human Resources' to occupy his time. In his position he is in charge of all field agents and decides which Angeloids are given 'temp positions' in the human world and for how long.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Chaos Eater: A large sword he summons, it appears chipped and rusting in some places. Along the flat side are face, human like and beastial screaming, or shouting or laughing, The expression never seem to stay the same, when you take your eyes of it.
  • Combat Prowess: Akre is possibly the greatest fighter among the Angeloids.
  • Paper Magic:
    • Reality Warping: While not known for his magical prowess, Akre is skilled in using Paper Magic to invoke reality warping and scrying.
  • Pending

Trivia Edit

  • His real name Haos, is Croatian for Chaos.