The Anathetron DUMF-030014 (Daorium Uplink Mobile Fortress) large Ultra-like machine powered by the Dao Factor.


The Anathetron is a large, polished silver mecha, based on an Ultra's appearance. It a series of large blue crystals in the center of its forehead, chest, wrists and shins. These are made of Daorium and are used to charge attacks. An angular face stares blankly, with shining white eyes.

A huge cannon is built into the Anathetron's chest, which can fire a powerful laser. Missile launchers are built into the robot's fingers for explosive combat.

Purple energy flames leap from the top and back of the Anathetron's head, these look like bad CGI.


A titanic mecha designed by a race of malevolent aliens, in a mockery of the Ultras. The entity known as "the Anathema" supplied the race with Daorium which powers the mecha.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Daorium Ray: A shiny silver imitation of the Specium Ray.
  • Retarded Buster: A huge purple laser beam fired from the Anathetron's chest.
  • Pansy Shine: The Anathetron covers its body concentrated stupidity, blinding opponents with the idiocy.
  • Missiles: A series of missiles built into the mecha's fingers.