A race of mystical beings that serve the Titan Princes.

Appearance Edit

Angeloids greatly resemble the Angels from Diablo, humanoid suits of armor, with hooded heads, with nothing but darkness for their faces. Underneath their hoods is an all black featureless humanoid head. Their bodies are generally bronze/gold plates shaped into a humanoid form, with gold and white armor upon them. They also have pieces on their backs from where their 'wings' appear. Their are numerous tendrils of light that only take the shape of 'wings' when they are at rest.

Nature Edit

Angeloids are composed of solid light physically and despite not giving off any heat, their armor/skin burns and boils away any normal flesh it touches. Most of their powers are also expressed through their wings. Internally they operate on 'energies unknown and unseen by scientific instruments but which affect they physical world' With their bodies being the coalescence of this energy.

This fact is why they are unphased by high powered mortal weapons such as bullets, blaster bolts etc. It is also why they are so very very and durable, being able to survive something like a space ship crashing upon them, etc. They are, however, vulnerable to each other's attack and weapons that operate on the same 'wavelength' that they do.

The form of Angeloids are also used by some cosmic beings such as Sol. These forms are mechanical internally, but it is unknown if actual Angeloids are similar.

Angeloids are the bodies of Emissaries but instead of being powered by Cinders, they are animated by 'Artificial Souls', something similar to Sparks.

Wings Edit

Most of an Angeloids abilities are demonstrated through their wings, such as using these tendril to tear holes in the fabric of reality to cross vast distances, spinning them around the owner so fast they are invisible but deflecting attacks and slicing their opponents in an explosive manner, or enter someone's mind. These powers revolve around using the unseen energies of the universe, but are also dependent on light. In bright places they are stronger, and when injured they can use the light around them to restore their wings. One thing they can also do with their wings is wrap them around their body and take the appearance of something else, to the point that if stab they may bleed. However said blood would then disappear when they return to normal.

Individuals Edit

  • Abaddonus: A renegade intent on raising the Dragon Gods. Noted for his red wings.
  • Ravel: Keeper of the Secrets to the Cells.
  • Sol:
  • Akre:
  • Z:
  • Cloaked One:
  • Gren: Janitor.
  • Cray: Archon of Love, sealed away at present.