Title: The shadow that haunts the space ways, the Dark Phoenix, the Night Bird.

Appearance Edit

A large black bird like cloud, with red stars for eyes. It's size ranged from massive to planetary.

Personality Edit

Predatory, proud and vengeful.

History Edit

Once a hunter of worlds, Anzuza stalked space, striping entire planets bare of life to feed itself. It made the mistake of stalking Sol, as he seeded a world with life, and hoped to steal the life force of young world. Sol, however, would have none of that, and the two titanic beings fought in the depths of space in that solar system, their blows sending ripples across space time devastating the local solar system. However, Anzuza was simply an Eldritch Thing grown large by feeding on worlds, Sol was a Titan Prince, and regardless of how long the fight would've went, it would've ended the same way.

The Night Bird was reduced to less than a fraction of its prior size, by Sol's blows and sent in retreat as Emissary forces searched for it. Spiteful and seeking vengeance, the eldritch bird cast parts of itself, to a world where it sensed Sol's presence. These parts became crystals and later the Anzuzans who roosted high in the mountains with them.

It's current whereabouts are unknown, but it's followers seek to summon it to their world.

Abilities Edit

  • Space Travel: Can survive and traverse space on its own
  • Life Force Drain: Fed on the life force of mortal beings. The bird's entire body was composed of Miasma. The more it fed, the bigger it became.