A race of evil vulture like people who war against the Elves, specifically the Sun Elves.

Appearance Edit

Resembling avian humanoids, they have black skin and beaks with fangs, and three toed clawed hands and feet. Their feathers are limited to their colors, backs chest and arms, with wing/arm hybrids.

They often wear heavy robes and black armor.

Nature and Culture Edit

Creatures of sinister thinking, they are less physical fighters and more thinkers. They are also devious of mind, having been known for holding slaves.

While bearing the ability to fly, they are incapable due to the heavy robes and armor they almost constantly wear, due to their paranoid nature. Constantly backstabbing and scheming, they are constantly having power struggles.

When not backstabbing their keen minds can be put to work making automatons, using steam power, and enchanted items. Much of their technology and magic involves ritual and the use of grand crystals.

While they dislike elves, they have a special hatred for Sun Elves, due to Sol, banishing their god the Eldritch Thing Anzuza and seek to destroy them in revenge.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While their look comes from an idea from Zombiejiger, they are based on the Skeksis from Dark Crystal