Aspects are a special type of Emissaries of Sol. In the absences of their master, they hold authoritative power over the Garden of Sol.

Nature Edit

Aspects, physically, are near identitcal to a normal Emissary. However, each bares something akin to a spark, a soul of their own. However, this 'soul' is a fragment of Sol's and therefore tied to him. While each is an individual, they are overall parts of a whole, said 'whole' being Sol's mind.

This nature also grants them far greater power than a normal emissary, power, which Sol may chose to enhance. On their own, each is a master of Cinder Magic, unequaled and unsurpassed only by Sol, and experts in High Dimensional Combat.

Aspects Edit

  • Peace: The methodical, thinking part of the Sol Entity, it represents its inquisitive and philosophical mind. Appears as a masculine entity. His helmet resembles a crown. His weapon is a staff and he specializes in spatial warps, summoning and binding.
  • Mercy: The kind protective nature of the Sol Entity. Appears as a female with a ribbon over her shoulders and around her arms. Specializes in purification, healing and protection. Her weapon is a vase with an infinite supply of holy water.
  • Justice: The part of the entity that seeks to strike down evil. He also represents its temper bears a large sword. Specializes in tracking, combat and swordsmanship. He is the one most likely to fight an Eldritch Thing alone.
  • Hope: A female with a U shaped object on her back. Represent just that, the hopeful nature of the entity and the desire to believe in the better part of others. Her helmet has wings covering her eyes. Specializes in restoration and protection and the granting of power. Her weapon is a shield.
  • Fury: While justice represents the entities temper and righteous fury, Fury represents the sadist in the entity and may suggest the cruelest of punishments. Resembles a thin figure with ribbons. Can transform into a monstrous creature. Has access to the dark bits of lore known to Sol. His weapons are a pair of clawed gauntlets.