A relic of great power and might respected by several Titan Princes. It is also known alternative as The Hammer.

Appearance Edit

The hammer appears as a crystal carved into the rough shape of a hammer head, with a metal strap around the center connecting it to the handle. The handle is wrapped in a black leather said to have been carved from 'the black between the stars', and is incredibly dark.

When in use the hammer head releases a bright shining light that can blind mere mortals.

History Edit

It's origins unknown, all that is said of its beginning is that it was forged in 'Celestial Fire' hot enough to burn space-time and melt worlds. It is said to be condensed 'pure awesome' collected along the lifespan of a now dead universe. The hammer is said to have been used by the Titan Princes, Titans, powerful mortals, and beings beyond for incredible acts of construction and destruction.

Legend says that it can one shot a Titan Prince, Avatar and Realm but that if the unworthy attempt to hold it, they shall be destroyed.

It has been used by the Titans for various reasons, Sol used it to forge his most powerful weapon the blade Entai. It was used by Necrobane to kill a cosmic horror that attacked his realm and fled. The Dark Prince tracked him down and ended its life and realm, taking the one remnant of its shattered head remaining back as a trophy. Akreious tested it on one of his golden flowers... and it managed to destroy it, surprising him and causing him to not notice that the Flower's energy sent the hammer away. A Scottish guy in power armor once used it to slay a chaos wizard... on a falling asteroid.

The princes have held competitions for the hammer and at present its location is known only to Sol.

Trivia Edit

  • Inspired by the song from Gloryhammer.
  • Can one shot even OP Characters (that's how much awesome went into it)
  • It can create portals by breaking the divide between dimension/locations.