Black and White is a story about two factions with different ideals.

Summary (or plot, but meh, whatever)Edit

Every hundred thousands of years or so (I don't know...the original narrator(s) died of old age, so, I have no idea when this happens), fourteen beings are chosen from the dominant species of that time. Depending on their ideals, they are split into two factions (equally, mind). Each side has five Knights, they are in charge of protecting the King and the Queen. The Queen in the strongest 'Unit', while the King is the weakest 'Unit'. If the King is ever killed, the opposing side's ideal shall come true. The rules, however, have changed.


Part 1Edit

A youth wearing a cloak was walking on the Moon. The cloak was purple with some gold accents. His hair was jet black, his right eye was sky blue, though, his left eye was dark brown, dark enough to pass as black. He looked up, gazing upon a blue planet, Earth.

This was not the first time he was in this Universe, he had been here, too many times to count. This was part of his 'étude' on humanity, and why in every known Universe, there seems to be some sort of protector watching over this species, and yet, despite all his studies on previous species, what makes this one so special?

"I suppose it's time.", the youth said, "I've tried this on too many species, but since now it's finally the humans' turn, I can pull this off now."

With that, he fired a light from his hand, and as the light reached the Earth, it spread into fourteen different lights around the world. A moment later, two lights erupted like beacons up in space, one black, one white, once again, they split, and joined into a single light.

The combined light landed at the centre of the fourteen lights. "This produce have an interesting outcome, or will this end with a 'cliché'?" With that, the lights died down and life resumed as usual.

"Waiting is usually the worse, time traveling is useful in situations like these.", the youth suddenly disappeared in a flash of blue, purple and red. The only evidence that he was ever on the Moon was the traces of his sneakers, and the magic circle burned into the Moon's earth.

Part 2Edit

She was never the most open student, though, despite that, she was looked up by the others as a role model, a mentor.