Gender: Presumably male
Height: Around 50~60 meters
Weight: 28,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Type: Annoyance
Affiliation *Blue claims to be related to a Weekee and to be married

*White claims to be in high school and friends with Blue

Created by N/A
A strange alien that has chosen to stalk Akreious.

Personality Edit

A strange alien that likes to lurk in the background. It as the uncanny ability to unnerve even the Titans that frequent the cafe (several of whom have earned the title 'god'). His object of obsession seems to be Akreious for some reason.

Though undoubtedly disturbing, he is perceived as somewhat comically harmless.

Depending on which eye on either side is open, he refers to himself as White or Blue, and pretends everything done while the other side did not happen.

In truth, he is a Cosmic Troll and feeds on the negative emotion directed towards him and has chosen the Titans as his next targets, mainly Akreious who he sees as the easiest target.

History Edit

It is unknown how he made his way into the cafe'.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Unknown Travel abilities: Somehow he made his way into the cafe without anyone noticing.
  • Perception Filtration Field: He is able to generate a field that makes him unnoticeable so long as he does not draw attention to himself. However, especially with Titans and other higher beings, it is not absolute.
  • Cosmic Troll Powers: Blue/White feeds on any negative emotion connected to him, causing him to grow stronger, signified by an increase in muscle mass.