Cdr's vault, as it's name implies, is a vault owned by Cdr. It contains all sorts of weapons, including all the stuff he stole from Sol and Z. The vault is guarded by a few of the soldiers of Cdr's Kaiju Army.

Security Edit

The Vault is guarded by some of the most powerful Kaiju in Cdr's army and has a forcefield projected around it at all times, which also interferes with teleportation, Battlenizers, or other forms of technology, ensuring any unwanted visitors are incapable of escaping. There's also lasers and all sorts of other stuff on the inside like traps, alarms, turrets, giant robots, and all that fun stuff. However any being with reality warping abilities like the Titans or Princes can get inside with relative ease, as Cdr himself demonstrated on his first test run of the security system. As Cdr generally trusts his fellow Titans, this is not much of an issue. However all those most dangerous weapons have a smaller forcefield around them that is practically impenetrable, just in case Akre tries to blow up some planets. The vault also has specially designed anti-Dao security, with mechanical duplicates of the Ban Ray set up around the place to eliminate any Daos. The Vault also has a lockdown mode in which any intruder will be stuck inside an unable to exit, before Cdr's troops are sent in to deal with the intruder.

Appearance Edit

Cdr's vault looks like a giant metal cube, sorta like the Borg ship.

Weapons Edit

Cdr's vault hols many powerful weapons, including the following:

A bunch of stuff he stole from Sol and Z. Edit

Self explanatory. These weapons are held under high security until Cdr figures out how to use them.

Cringe stash. Edit

Cdr's stash of powerful cringe that can kill anything that isn't a Titan Prince with their sheer amount of cringe. It is also known as "Cdrzillafanon Wiki".

Galaxy-Buster Weapons Edit

Reallllyyyyy big guns.

Universe-Buster Weapons Edit

Even bigger guns

Multiverse-Buster Weapons Edit

Weapons with supernatural properties that can destroy entire multiverses.

Godkiller Weapons Edit

Weapons kept under maximum security, only meant to be used against the largest of threats.

Other Items Edit

Various other items held within the Vault.

Cdr's cheezeburgers Edit

food Cdr likes to eat

BatCdr costume Edit

A costume Cdr occaionally uses when going on adventures with Batkre/Akre.

Squire Gear Edit

Squire stuff

Cdr's DVD collection Edit

Self-explanatory. Kept under high security except on movie night.

Cdr's Last Shred of Hope for Humanity Edit

The most precious and important item held in the vault, at least to Cdr. Held in the very center of the vault, the physical manifestation of Cdr's remaining hope for humanity is stored. Cdr keeps it in storage so that it cannot be further diminished, or even destroyed by threats such as the Emoji Movie.

Trivia Edit

  • This is pretty much a parody of Sol and Z's vaults.
  • This page originates from jokes on the chat, similarly to Sol's vault.