The Children of Shadows are the direct offspring from the Mother of Shadows.


These beasts come in a variety of forms, but all of them often appear with a mist. The often appear with six pairs of round stone like eyes and often have bodies that appear to be made of vines wrapped together musculature to form their shapes.


Like Ultras, the children of the mother are composed of fiber like structures called the Vines of Hades, which is what gives them their vine like appearance. The structure of the vines is similar to across between plant cells and stone, giving them their strength and durability.

  • Muscles: Their muscles are much stronger than normal flesh muscles, mainly to hold up their massive frames.
  • Hide: Their hides can withstand convention chemical missiles (bullets) and basic incindary projectiles (missiles, rockets). Their hides can also withstand nuclear radiation.
  • Metamorphasis: Many of the children have the ability to change their body in dramatic and sometimes sudden ways. Not all demonstrate this ability.
    • Growth: Some can cause sudden growth spurts, usually after storing up a large amount of food.
    • Body Modifications: Some can change their body parts/ bodies, often to give them an edge in battle.
    • Adaption: Some can adapt their bodies to grow resistant or outright immune to previous forms of damage.
  • Energy Chamber: Many have a core, an organ that takes the place of a heart and/or stomach that stores energy. The radiation they give of when they start fighting, become excited or go hunting comes from this organ. All of them naturally form this organ.