The Cosmology of the Metaverse

Dawn and StructuringEdit

In the beginning there was darkness, less than darkness there was the void, nothingness. Then came the light, the Light of Creation. Where the Light shined, there Hyper Space, and where the Light and Particles of void mixed and merged there were universes, which grew and birthed more along the definition of Divine Geometry, the natural order. At the furthest edges of Hyper Space is Limbo, and beyond that is just the void nothingness, as was in the beginning. Beyond this is also things such as Phase Theory and Spatial Density, but those are not what's important right now.

Primal ForcesEdit

  • Light of Creation: The light that gave birth to existence, it acts with Void Particles to give birth to Ray Particles
  • Void Particles: The counter part to the Light.
  • Ray Particles: Made of both bits of Light and Void Particles, these free floating particles are the force carriers of time. They are also called Chronons
  • Quantum Strings: Composed of Ray Particles, the rest you can guess.

The Ratio of Light and VoidEdit

  • Mundane: Mortal Beings composed of equal parts Light and Void
  • Divine: Beings more Light than Void, who thus work to uphold the balance. All the noted beings in this group have some Void, for to be pure light is to be the source of light...
  • Eldritch: Beings more Void than Light who work naturally against the balance put forth by the light and Divine Geometry. All Eldritch Beings have some light, because to be without Light is to literally not exist.
  • Silence: The state wherein the balance is esqued and tips in the side of Void, also called Darkness.