Called the Angeloid of Love, at present she slumbers.

Appearance Edit

Cray has a feminine form made of bronze armor with runic characters upon it. Unlike most other Angeloids of rank, she does not wear a helmet but a hood made of vines and covered in flowers. The vines also float above her and wrap around her arms like ribbons. Her energy wings, are a calming green with sparkles over numerous colors calling to mind the image of a meadow with flowers blooming.

Personality Edit

Cray deeply cares for the mortals under her charge, some would say too much. She has never cared for rules if it means helping worlds, a trait that has gotten in trouble and caused trouble more than once. For while she cares, she does not always think of the consequences of her actions, which a being her position often has to think about.

History Edit

At present, she is sealed away.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Life/Plant Magic: Cray can cause plants to grow and move at her will. She can heal others and such.
  • Love Magic: She can control attraction in mortals.
  • Strength: Despite her frail looking appearance, she is can take on the other higher ups well enough in a fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Titan Prince is Cray, also the first female Titan Prince.