A culmination of ideas on the Live Chat...which makes it part of the Metaverse series....

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  • Angeloids:
  • The Office: The place where the Angeloids gather in mass. It is protected by powerful wards and is where the Dragons are kept sealed.
    • Council/Board of Directors: The groups which leads the Angeloids, they are recognized by their second pair of wings.
    • Observers: The Angeloids in charge of monitoring the seals on the Dragon(s) and detecting and locating Breaches.
  • Paperwork Magic: Due to rules not specified, the Angeloids cannot use their full powers when in human form and instead rely on Paper based magic. This magic is also used to double their efforts to keep the Dragon(s) asleep and help deal with the breaches.
  • The Fey:
  • The Dragon:
  • Breaches: Portals of unknown origin. They open at random places and often release monsters into the world which must be dealt with and the portals sealed.
  • Anti Angeloids Armed Forces: A group of humans that have taken up hunting
  • Temp Positions: The situation when an Angeloid is sent out to live out a human life, in disguise. This is done for several reasons, to foster understanding for humans, to break the droling situation of their monotone existence and because Akreious is bored.