Daracula is a MUTO like alien that sometimes frequents the Rift Cafe when it pleases.

Appeareance Edit

Daracula looks similar to a MUTO, but it in fact has a Dracula like hair piece, which everyone seems to think is a wig, it also has plastic Halloween fangs with Kool-Aid stains on them glued to its jaw. On the torso is a badly drawn symbol of a Pentagram, and a tattered cape which Daracula wraps around itself to stay warm.

Personality Edit

Daracula seems to have memory issues, not knowing who even itself is, believing itself to be Count Dracula (At least we think worst it may be the Count....from Sesame Street), it also drinks only Kool-Aid at the cafe, trying to get other people to drink it as well. However, the Barkeep and Daarcula seem to have a close and kind relationship, and Daracula acts much nicer and less incompetent to the Barkeep, oddly enough. The odd beast also favors to bang on a piano when one is present, which has ended up in many fights happening.


  • Daracula is an obvious parody of Dracula.
  • It seems to love old VHS tapes of cheesy B-Movies, frequently threatening everyone to watch them, or get doused with Kool-Aid.