Dark Obelisc is a Dark Ultranoid created from Giant Energy and the master of DUP.


Obelisc is a muscular Ultra armored in segmented silver plates. His face is mostly covered with a vented mouthplate, while his eyes are angular and menacing. A sleek red and black protector is mounted on his shoulders, to which a brilliant crimson cape is attached. He has a color timer amidst angular armor.


Dark Obelisc was formerly a user of Giant Energy like Elath Holland and his father. However, Obelisc became corrupted and turned to darkness. The dark being created DUP to provide a way for revival in case of his defeat, a defeat which came at the hands of Elath's father.

When Elath was a teenager, DUP was awakened by his use of Giant Energy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cyber Creation: Dark Obelisc is capable of creating cybernetic energy creatures such as DUP.
  • Ranbalt Death Wave: A wave of red energy cast from the hand.
  • Flight: Obelisc makes heavy use of flight and levitation.


  • Dark Obelisc's name comes from the Romanian translation of the word obelisk.