The transformed Daughters of the Flowers of Light, they serve as warrior elites along side the Custodes.

Appearance Edit

The daughters appear to have feminine robotic bodies with golden armor plating. Their heads are comprised of the knight like face plates that cover the lower halves of their faces and the top half of their heads were are flaming humanoids, with golden stars for eyes.

Nature Edit

A combination of the humanoid light based beings that were the daughters of the flowers, and the robotic armor of an Emissary, the two sides are conjoined by the Cinders. The meek gentleness of the past is now gone, replaced by a burning fury. Whether this is because of their destroyed home or their transformation is unknown.

History Edit

After the Mandaz's attack on the Garden, the remaining Daughters of Light were transformed in an attempt to save their dying race. They now guard the largest patch of flowers held in a secret place and other important treasures, with the Custodes.