Cousins to the Sun Elves, Death Elves follow the way of Necrobane. They are known also as the Dramer (Meaning Death Elves).

Appearance Edit

Death Elves have rather pale skin, with a sometimes purple hue, their eyeballs are almost always black, while their irises are usually, red, green or purple. Like their cousins the Sun Elves, they are generally slender and slim creatures, but sometimes they may be rather gaunt, almost skeletal.

Nature and Culture Edit

In terms of garb, their style closely resembles the ancient Egyptians. However their priests often wear black masks reminiscent of the Necrobane's face. This image, and the image of the maw in his chest can be found on their knights, who stride in black armor. Their main colors of choice for clothing are white and black.

True to their name, they seem to have a fixation with death, with Necromancy seemingly woven into every fabric of their realms. Their lowest of caste is composed not of the living, but thrall corpses and ghouls serving as manual labor. Their underground cities, resemble crypts more than settlements, made of black stone.

As Sun Elves, are dependent on Cinder from the Sol Well to sustain themselves, Death Elves, draw upon their necromatic energies from a monument called the Fountain of Z, which links to Z's realm.

Warriors Classes

  • Z Priests: Necromancers that worship the Necrobane
  • Death Knights: Warriors in black armor that resembles Z. They wield swords and glaves with a C shaped blade. They are usually founding rising undead horses with cursed daggers sticking out of their heads.
  • Ghouls: Their cannon fodder. Animated corpses
  • Skeletons: Less slaves and used more as guards.
  • Reverred Ancestors: Mummified Ancients revived as floating spell casting corpses.
  • Golem: Automatons of stone and/or metal
    • Gargoyles: Beastly Golems used as watchdogs, sentinels or steeds for Death Knights.
  • Dragons:
    • Zombie Dragons: Raised corpses from their enemies fallen.
    • Dark Dragon: Created from stolen dragons and bred with necromancy, they breathe Miasma.

History Edit

Once Sun Elves, they are the descendants of dissidents forced out for refusing to accept the orderly demands of Sun Elf society. Force metaphorically and literally underground, they turned to Worship the Necrobane, and eventually built the Fountain of Z at his instructions.

Since then they have grown to be rivals of the Sun Elves. Because of their association with death, they have also become enemies with the Wild Elves.

Trivia Edit

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