A force of monsters with ties to the Eldritch. Their goal is cause suffering and destruction for the rest of the universe.

Nature and HistoryEdit

Ages ago, the Eldritch Thing Urugash the Dragon of Chaos, sought to sway the Titan Prince Akreious to the side of the Eldritch. It is said, their conversation lasted some five or so minutes before the Prince grew annoyed with the beast and proceeded to slay it.

However, the chaotic energies of Akreious left behind after the attack, interacted with the corpse flesh of the Eldritch horror and from that corpse came the first of the demons, the Demon Lords.

Demons are a race of chaos, their bodies or that of the Eldritch but their energy is mix between the Eldritch and the power of Titans. Their forms are often the mix of lava/volcanic rock and fire, with chaotic, monstrous flesh.

They were Imprisoned in a pocket Dimension by the Titans and the only true exit is through a place called Hellmouth


  • Demon Lords: The most humanoid of them all, and the originators of the species, they are the most powerful. All lesser demons serve one of them.
  • Pit Lords: If Demon Lords are kings, these are Generals. Hulking, winged brutes, they often carry clubs and axes, and despite their savage nature are intelligent.
  • Brood Mothers: The horrid creature the Demon Lords use to spawn their forces. Created by their masters, each uses the power of their master to spawn new, lesser demons.
  • Ravagers: Hulking brutes, they are meant for muscle not tactics.
  • Succubi: Schemers, seducers, sorcerers, they are used when brute force does not work.
  • Jailers: Demons that do just that, they are also surprise there...
  • Breeders: Lesser Brood Mothers, used to spawn animalistic demons.
  • Tormentors: Lesser demons, with ghoul lack forms and long sharp claws.
  • Abyssal Worms: Worm like beasts that grow to great sizes and swim in lava, used to pull the chariots of the Demon Lords.
  • Hellhounds: Canine like monsters, there is a subspecies with mutliple heads.
  • Demon Knights: mortals that were corrupted by demonic power and become trapped in demonic armor. Even while the body has faded away, the armor remains.
  • Imps: The lowest of these beasts, really just a monkey with horns.

Trivia Edit

  • They are not the only things in the Multiverse to be called demons...
  • Despite their origins, they are not keen on working with the Eldritch, instead, they see them as competition.
  • The Demon Lords hold an obsession with the Power of Akreious, they believe his energies can be used to further their race, or empower them.