A family of species, typically reptilian, deeply connected to magic and known for breathing fire and flying. Several Titan Princes have a liking towards them. They are held up as symbols of power and dominance.

Nature Edit

Dragons come in many varieties with numerous body types. Each is at least partially reptilian in appearance, and often have wings. Dragons are also known for having Spirit Ichor in their veins and as magical creatures their magical abilities are often manifested in a breath ability, most commonly fire breath.

Common Body Types Edit

  • Bird Type: Like Wyverns, two legs, and two arms, in an avian body shape.
  • Lizard Type: Four legs, and possibly a pair of wings, their bodies are often low to the ground and bulky.
  • Cat Type: Like the lizard type, but less squat and more graceful.
  • Serpent: No legs, arms, or wings.
  • Oriental: Like the Serpent type but with fore and hind legs at least.
  • Dinosaur: Their body shape is more like a T-Rex than a bird.

Dragon Breeds/Races Edit

  • Sol Drakes: A dinosaur type breed, found in the Garden of Sol. Are artificial, being other beings transformed. They breathe Cinder Energy and are covered in plate armor like scales.
  • Wyverns: A subcategory of dragons, legend holds that they are proto-dragons evolved by the Sun Well's energies. Instead of fire they use poison and denoted by their scorpion stinger tails.
  • Fire Dragons: Often Serpent type, they are also called, common dragons, and are known for breathing fire. Typically red, grey, or even green, and prefer hotter temperatures. Some were tamed by the Sun Elves.
  • Great Dragons: Like Fire Dragons, but utterly massive. Bred by the Sun Elves, from their tamed fire dragons, they are not easily produced or maintained.
  • Chaos Dragons: A powerful and violent species, they are mainly grey with green underbellies, but their wings are multicolored and glow when open. Only the Spirit Magic of the Chaos Elves, allowed them to tame them. Instead of fire, they breath pure energy and are known for being resistant to all other forms of magic.
  • Dragon Elders: Oriental Style Dragons, they are the transformed Elders of the Chaos Elves, who transformed themselves into Jinn like beings upon death.
  • Zombie Dragons: Corpses of dragons resurrected by the Death Elves, as various stages of decay.
  • Dark Dragons: Corrupted Fire Dragons, who serve the Death Elves and breathe Miasma. They are black with purple under bellies.
  • True Dragons: Found in Resicrypha, these dragon dwarf any other found in the mortal realms and many cities.
    • Mighty Dragons: Lesser, more mundane cousins, even so their power outmatches nearly all breed outside of the Chaos Lord's realm.
      • Wyverns: The lowest sub-class of dragons, unable to even breathe fire

Trivia Edit

  • A group of dragons is called a Dragonflight or simply a Flight.