A story based on dreams from various users.


The protagonist has the ability to transform into an Ultra-like being (or has the powers). He is rejected by his crush and ends up in his school overnight (locked in?). There he is chased by DUP, although he managed to defeat it. Next day the creature returns, and starts a quasi-zombie epidemic. A pair of Mulder and Scully/Moa and Zena-like Agents investigate the zombies, but once again the protagonist stops DUP. However, DUP infects Agent CX, causing him to turn into a cyborg Ultra until the hero purifies him.

The protagonist then ends up in a fantasy world, where he becomes a Techno-Knight. Eventually he kills Maga-Something and a giant, half cockroach, half assassin bug, before returning to the real world. He is disappointed, as he is reverted back to his former age (he was married in the fantasy realm).

Characters Edit

  • Elath Holland: The main character, blessed/cursed with the power of a giant.
  • Selah: Elath's crush in the main/real world.
  • Agent CX: Effectively Agent Mulder, who is later turned into a cyborg Dark Ultra by DUP.
  • Agent HP: A less skeptical Agent Scully, or a less inept Moa.


Part 1: SchoolboundEdit

Part 2: Mind GamesEdit

Part 3: Laser Swords and SorceryEdit