Elath Holland is the protagonist of Dreams Gone Wrong

Appearance Edit

A youth with pale skin (becomes more tan as he gets older) and light green eyes like crystals. He has blonde hair and sharp eyes that can give a rather intense stare. As a youth he was rather skinny.


Elath's original 'under cooked' form, it appears as a humanoid giant with a slender build. His body appears to made of light/ sea green liquid crystal with white lights for eyes.

Solid CrystalEdit

His complete base form, it is ultra like, being all silver with a green hue. He has beep green markings around his full body crystals on his shoulders/chest/back, forearms, shins and the crest going up his head. His eyes are white.

Mythic KnightEdit


Personality Edit

Elath begins the story as a rather shy boy, who grows to be more confident as the story progresses. He is also rather intelligent, perhaps as a result of his giant powers, as he is able to design and build his own transformation device. pending

History Edit




Elath's first form as a giant of light, a titan made of green energy. He resembles Another Genesis Luna, but with different colors.

While this form seems more powerful than his next form, that is simply because this form lacks natural restraints. It is also why he tires much more quickly.

Solid Crystal

Elath's second form once he masters his powers, it resembles an armored humanoid covered in green crystal.

A stabilized version of is Primitive form, this is the result of a successful transformation. His crystals double both as natural armor and stabilizers for using his energy attacks.


Elath's third and final form, which appears as a green crystalline titan with cybernetic armor.


  • His first name, suggested by Zombiejiger, comes from the Irish God of the Moon.