Hulking gargantuan elemental giants, they are 'kin to the Jinn and Giants'. They are most commonly just called 'Titans', not to be confused with the others that bare that name.

Appearance Edit

Each Titan, is a mountain sized humanoid, with skin of stone of varying minerals and textures, and often with grass of some sort for hair. The males tend to be hairy, while the females tend to be round in terms of build.

Nature Edit

In terms of nature, they are a cross between Jinn (elementals made of magic) and Golems (physical constructs animate by magic, magical robots). They are also generally massive, being the size of small mountains.

Like Jinn, each is often attuned to a particular element, such as fire, air, earth and water. Still a few appear to skin of flesh, and hair instead of foliage.

Elements Edit

  • Fire: Skin like lava, can summon fire
  • Water: Skin that is a mix of black stone and blue crystals
  • Wind: Skin with markings of Lapis Lazuli. Can blow hurricane force winds
  • Earth: Bodies covered in green vegetation.
  • Common: Chalky grey, or marble white skin, with dried grass for hair.
  • Other: Bodies that seem to be flesh, are often the strongest physically.

Most do not know where they come from, and they are theorized to be evolved Jinn, or those elementals mutated by experimentation or large amounts of worship, or a reaction to massive amounts of 'free magic' in a world.

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