Creations of Sol, serving as his minions and soldiers

Appearance Edit

Most appear as armored humanoids in hoods robes and tabbards. Their faces are hidden beneath their hoods at all times and appear as simply a bottomless hole. In truth their heads are all black and lack features. On their backs are pieces that generate wings, that may also double as tendrils. These wings are composed of Cinders.

Nature Edit

In truth Emissaries are are robots of magical, enchanted armor, held up by tendrils of Cinders, creating artificial servants. Most have a basic A.I. and learned responses but due to their nature, any emergence of a personality is an emergence of an alternate personality of Sol, one representing one of his personality aspects.

As they have Cinder based CPUs their minds are all connected and each may serve as an incarnation of Sol at anytime, symbolized by a marble mask appearing.

Common Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength: Most can man handle most mortal beings. They could also life a standard common size space transport.
  • Durability: All are immune to bullets, and can survive having a spaceship fall upon them. They can also withstand all but the most absurd heat, or special magical flames.
  • Flight: They can fly even to other planets.
  • Summon Weapons: Mainly enchanted blades or spears.
  • Disguise: Using their wings and thus loosing the power to fly, they can take on the form of another, usually mortal being.
  • Cinder Magic: Mainly energy blasts, but it can be used to repair each other, heal, or seal away foes.

Special Classes Edit