A structure of supreme importance in the Death Elf capital city.

Appearance Edit

A monolithic black structure, with purple runes and lines. While the base is as a pyramid, the top is a rectangular structure, with a Z like symbol. At all times it is orbited by what appear to be specters and radiates a purple light that in funneled into crystal pylons that distribute the light across the city and beyond. The light is often distributed to special fountains where the energy becomes like liquid/fire.

Nature Edit

Connected directly to Necrobane's realm, the structure is a font, from where Z's excess necromatic energies bleed off into the material world as a dark Spirit Ichor to be funneled and fed across the city/civilization via Crystal Pylons and Death Fountains (also called Fountains of Z). Knowing that the Necrobane could cut them off at any moment, the Death Elves have annual blood sacrifices to their dark god.

However, unlike the Sol Well, which can destroyed, the literal 'fountain' is the energy/spatial disturbance from which Z's power bleeds.