A creation of Sol, after seeing the Ultra Operation, it is a esoteric energy that allows anyone to become a giant.

Nature Edit

A green substance, ranging from sea green, to jade green, the Energy exists to connect the host body with an other wise impossible fusion reaction that would occur in their cells, granting them great power. The field can also be manipulated for various effects and the various techniques giant heroes tend to use.

It is based not only on the Light that birth Ultras, but also Engen and to a lesser degree programmable matter. Each instance of it grants its owner a natural, but unfinished giant form, in the shape of a glowing giant. The complete version is an all silver humanoid body, which later grows markings and others features based on the user's own DNA and preferences.

The Energy can also interact with difference, specially designed transformation items, which can also change the user's features in giant form.

Because it binds with the host, it also has the unintended side effect of being passed down to offspring.

Forms Edit

The main purpose for the creation of Giant Energy is to bestow 'mundanes' (mortals) with the power of 'Giants/Titan'. For this reason transformation into an Ultra like being is perhaps the most basic power of the energy.

Primal Edit

The most basic form the energy provides. Comes about from the energy being excited but not tied to a transformation item yet. It is almost always accidental/unintentional and done by first time users.

Developed Edit

When users are more accustomed to the Giant Energy, their 'natural' giant form is a tall silver humanoid, similar to an Ultra. Their fingers and toes are defined, and their skin sports a sea green hue to it. At this point the user must figure out their abilities and create their own techniques like in the prior form.

Transformations Device Edit

Transformation Devices powered by Giant Energy provide 'blueprints, that giant energy realizes'. Device such as these can be used by any Giant Energy bearer, and their main purpose is to provide quick means to transformation and provide features for their giant form.

These make use of Realize Technology, and can provide features that make the user similar in form to a 'Super Robot' as their metallic skin takes on characteristics to armor plating/ exo armor.

G.E. Drive Edit

Giant Energy also appears in the G.E. Drive, a hydraulic system based around a crystal of Giant Energy, that allows for easy creation of giant robots.

Users Edit

  • Elath
  • Light Giant in Elath's Dream
  • Dark Obelisc
  • Raz Helion