Necrobane's counterparts to the Emissaries of Sol.


The Harbingers are humanoids clad in polished obsidian and purple armor. All wear a sleek, elegant, smooth and Roman-esque helmet with a glowing green visor. Sharp fins emerge from six points on the sides. Under the helmet fits a piece of shoulder armor, and under this a white cape emerges. From the waist an ankle-length inner cape of the same color fits. On the back of the Harbingers, a pair of great black arches hover closely to the back. These are not actually connected to their bodies, but are held on instead with magic.

Crimson markings shaped like a fanged maw decorate the chest armor, and other symbols appear on the gauntlets, chest and boots. Patterns on the helmet come together to resemble a fanged skull. Inside the mouth there is an Eye of Horus that glows pale green, when Z speaks through them the eye burns in a bright green. The interior of each Harbinger appears to be purple lightning. Each glove features sharp, angular claws that are rimmed in green.


Despite appearing as armored organics, the Harbingers are in fact suits of armor and robes animated by the Necrobane's magic. Zombiejiger can see through the Harbingers and all enact his will.

In times of war the Harbingers act as commanders, ordering the Resting and Watchers under Z himself.


  • Super Strength: They can easily throw most mortals around, but prefer to use their weapons and magic in combat.
  • Durability: The Harbingers are impervious to ordinary projectiles and can recover from what would be lethal to mortals.
  • Flight: They can fly between worlds by transforming into a green fireball.
  • Summon Weapons: The Harbingers can summon weapons, often either a Khopesh or a staff/mace hybrid. In formal situations they carry their staffs.
  • Magic: The preferred form of combat for the Harbingers, used by tracing patterns in the air, forming purple symbols inside rings. This can have varied effects, but almost all are offensive.