The Hellrider is a motorcycle used by Z's main human form.


The Hellrider resembles a skeleton lying on top of an engine, with wheels between its taloned hands and clawed feet. Angular ribs reach down the sides of the engine, which is tucked into the chest of the skeleton. Bony plates cover parts of the sides, making it appear as a superbike made of bones. The windscreen consists of an alien skull with a large headcrest. Purple headlights are fit into the eyesockets.

A concealed weapon in the fanged mouth that can fire Kinetic Energy Torpedoes, spiked purple energy spheres. Spikes and bone spurs emerge from across the skeleton, which can be used for ramming. A collapsible scythe is fit into the rear mudguard.


Z uses the Hellrider in his human persona, known as Mephisto Erebus. It attracts a lot of odd stares from mortals when he drives it, although he doesn't care one bit.