Hfswthaila (Holy freaking sh** what the hell am I looking at) is one of The Eldritch Things.


A long time ago, Hfswthaila was born from the most vile powers in the universe, mich like his other fellow Eldritch. For some reason, in ancient times, it came to Earth to pick out a chosen human to consume every few hundred years, while under the disguise. Hfswthalia was also respinsible for the fall of several ancient civilisations and kingdoms throughout history, though he has never been recorded in known human history.


His "human" disguise is a creepy man of great height, and is probably anorexic. His skin is a very pale green and has visible veins all around his skin, which are dark grey. His has a dead look to it and his eyes are black with yellow irises, and he is bald. Hfswthaila wears a blood red robe that covers most of his body, leaving only his face and hands exposed.

His true form is far more disgusting. His head appears human-like but has two large horns on each side thay go upwards, and his skin is gold in colour. From the neck down, he is dark purple, and most of his body is made of bulging blobs of flesh. He has a massive right arm whose hand is fused with a gigantic crude-looking sword. Some parts of him are bound in what looks like leather armour. Hfswthaila also has smaller arms protruding from other parts of his body. Everything from the wasit and below is invisible due to a thick black fog he casts. On his back are the faces of people he has consumed over the ages. His entire left side is replaced with the mutilated body of his latest victim, with their arm, leg, and head being the only visible body parts. They are a sickly pale cyan colour, and the eyes become that of Hfswthaila's disguised form's - black with yellow irises.