The name for a strange language spoken by the Titan Princes.

Nature Edit

While Titan Princes have the ability to know and speak any language, they at times like to speak a language somewhat unique to them. It is not a true language, but a partially psychic tongue who audible form changes for the species. It cannot be recorded, save by devices that record mental images directly.

For each species/culture, it sounds like a broken, slang version of a dead language, for most humans it sounds like 'bad Latin'.

History Edit

The Titan Prince Sol, likes to use High Cosmic to name things of relevance to him, such as his 'Stellaris Custodes'.

When in Titan form, and Sol created the Anti Parody Ultra, Ultraman Externus, Sol, spoke in High Cosmic, listing his titles.

Z prefers to use his own dialect of High Cosmic limited to the beings of Necropolis, although the other Princes can understand it. When with them, however, he speaks normally. This dialect is called High Gothic.

The Titans are mostly unaware of High Cosmic, though some have learned it.

Words Edit

High CosmicEdit

  • Lux: Light
  • De/Di: of (accents)
  • Umbra: shadow
  • Muerta/is: Death
  • Ey: You
  • Tu: to, too
  • Es: Are (as in you 'are')
  • Ego: I, me, myself
  • U: Not
  • Dis: Bad
  • Gigante: Giant
  • Hiero: Holy, Divine, Cosmic
  • Divinus: Divine
  • Infernus: Hellish
  • Stygus: Deadly
  • Infra: Below, lower
  • Subtus: Underneath
  • Revelus: Discover, found, reveal(ed)
  • Invenio: See
  • Phantus: To show
  • Victorus: Victory
  • Aut: Or
  • In: The
  • Apud: In, into, on
  • Interius: Inside
  • pending

High GothicEdit

  • Bal: Guardian
  • Cu: Of
  • Esan: Am
  • Filica: Daughter
  • Mortii: Death
  • Mortuus: Dead/Dead One
  • pending

Trivia Edit

  • When Titan Princes are alone together and only speaking to each other, they mainly use High Cosmic, especially when observing lower beings. However, each conversation is generally translated for the reader.