The Hollow Planes, opposite to its name, is actually filled with wildlife and nature of all-sorts. It is where magic users reside.


The Hollow Planes appears as a nature/wild life-filled dimension. There are several structures that take the form of floating islands or even entire palaces.


A mysterious dimension that is filled with mana. Often, the mana overflows different dimensions, causing rifts in between worlds, resulting in people seeing mysterious islands/beings/places such as Mu or Atlantis or Lemuria or even Avalon. Powerful enough magic users can access this dimension through a ritual, though only a few have succeeded, the rest have perished. In most cases, magic users are invited into the dimension by its ruler. Due to unwanted intruders entering the realm at random times, the ruler has sealed off a deal with a legion of Eldritch creatures who will guard the place as long as he is alive, while also providing the creatures with their needs.


  • The Ruler: An un-named powerful magic ruler that rules the Hollow Planes.
  • Magic Users: Several powerful magic users live in this dimension.
  • Eldritch Abominations: Hundreds of Eldritch Abominations live in this dimension to guard it.


  • Lemuria: A continent-sized island that occasionally appears in other dimensions.
  • Atlantis: A giant city in the middle of an ocean.
  • The Five Pillars of Elements: Pillars that are in the centre of the Hollow Planes that sustains a giant magic circle in the sky.
  • Avalon: An isle that is used by magicians to quickly regain mana.
  • Mu: Another continent-sized island that also occasionally appears in other dimensions.
  • Hy-Brasil: A disappearing island that is said to contain magic that can be found nowhere else.
  • Ley Lines: Invisible lines that run through the ground filled with mana. More experienced magicians or any magical creature can use them as a transportation method.
  • Shadow Fortress: A castle that is cloaked in the shadows. It is where the Ruler lives.
  • Bunch of other random phantom isles with their own styles of magic, creatures and appearances.


  • Insanity: Due to being a place untouched by nonsense and insanity, the ruler despises insanity.