The government which controls the many human colonies in one of the many universes.

Uniform Edit

The typical officers uniform is a white suit with orange portions.

Military Edit

  • Infantry: The basic soldiers ranging from the typical soldier, to the fully armed Commandos
  • Marines: Career commandos armed with the most potent weapons
  • Stellar Navy: The commanders and operators of the Federation's warships.
  • Inquisition: A secretive branch that answers only to the highest members of the Military.

Colonies Edit

Federation Colonies are typically founded on one of three main intentions, Agriculture, Industry, and research. It's economy is generally maintained by trade between these three major worlds.

  • Agriculture: Farm worlds, they are often noted for their white/grey and green color scheme for their buildings and their health focused societies. Inhabitants are often known for being environmentally conscious. Their purpose is to be the bread baskets of the Federation
  • Industrial: These worlds were built for exploiting a world's resources, digging up precious minerals and producing powers regardless of whether the environment survives. Industrial worlds are often smog covered settlements with rather fascist leanings in its administration, with a corporate oriented mindset.
  • Science: Colonies set up to be centers of learning, populated with the most scientific facilities and often sporting the most advance technology in their sectors/systems.
  • Capitals: These worlds were colonized with the goal of being the economic/trading center of a sector/system. One is most likely to find military installations here, otherwise it is a mix of the previous three.
  • Junk: Abandoned worlds, usually Industrial planets that no longer produce adequate numbers. While technically under Federation control, the Federation Government no longer bothers with them, often making them dens for criminal elements.