An ordinary looking Poptart.


Due to The Cloaked's love for Poptarts, he decided to enchant one and thus, the Infinitum Poptart Awesomeness was created! Several of its offsprings can be found in Sol's stomach. It is currently in The Cloaked's possession, guarded by magic that will instantly evaporate lesser Titans (that's how much he likes Poptarts).


  • Flavour Changing: It can change its flavour depending on its consumer's thoughts and desires.
  • Hyper Regeneration: It can regenerate itself almost instantly, though, its offsprings' regeneration powers diminishes with each generation.
  • Blooming: Any of its crumbs can be planted in sugar and under a minute, a Poptart plant will be grown. Though, the Poptarts grown this way do not have regenerative properties.
  • Instant Rebirth/Healing: Self explanatory. For some reason only affects Sol...