Magical entities summon/created via magic. They are often the creation of Necromancers, due to their similarity to spirits, but not always. The name is based off the Djinn, a race of beings from another dimension. They are also called Elementals.

This page also describes the seeming 'natives' of The Shroud, the dimension that connect to the realms of the Titan Princes.

Appearance Edit

They generally appear as oddly colored humanoids with their lower halves switching between a ghostly tail, and/or normal feet. However, some appear as simple humanoids but with the heads of another species, often an animal.

Nature Edit

They are composed of a substance called 'Ichor' which can be best described as 'crystallized magic'. Because of this they are ultimately spectral creatures but also require a base, often a trinket, from which they are summon, this base is their anchor and helps give 'depth' to what would otherwise be a mass of energy.

The Jinn of the Shroud do not seem to require any anchors until they are summoned outside their realm.

Their intelligence can range from basic to fully sentient with their own opinions.

Purpose Edit

Jinn are created/summoned by mortal sorcerers for a few reasons. The most common is to be servants, summoned from lamps or jewelry to protect their masters. Others are created as living idols by priests, with their 'anchor' being the temple itself, which limits their movements, being able to appear outside that place only by priests wearing special charms.

Uzil often created special charms so his Miasma Elementals may travel away from him, even to other dimensions, but they are still bound to his command.

Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength: Most are much stronger than a normal human.
  • Flight: Most if not all can fly. When they do, their legs become as cloud trails.
  • Shape Shifting: They can alter their forms, and change their size. However they have limits.
  • Possession:
  • Elemental Powers: Jinn created based on certain elements have control over such things. They can create their elements but this weakens them.
    • Fire:
    • Water:
    • Earth:
    • Wind:
    • Miasma:

Trivia Edit

  • They are based on the Jinn from the comic series Jinnrise.