"Rawhead and Bloody Bones
Steal naughty children from their homes
Takes them to his dirty den
And they are never seen again

Gender: Male
Series: Metaverse
Type: Eldritch
Affiliation Evil
Created by Zombiejiger

Lanthorne is an Eldritch Thing that took up residence on earth during the 18th century.


Lanthorne's preferred form appears as a red human skeleton with countless needle-like teeth. He wears black clothes consisting of a tattered, antique, British-style Naval jacket with silver embroidery, buttons and epaulets over a dark formal shirt and pants. Over this he wears a short, triangular black cape that reaches just below his shoulderblades, with a hood pulled up to cover his head.

Brilliant, spiraling lights of many colors can be seen through his empty eyesockets, nostrils and jaw. This is effectively Lanthorne's true form, albeit condensed to fit inside the skull. Simply gazing at the lights can be incredibly disorienting for a human, although Titan Prince incarnations are immune to this.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hypnosis: Lanthorne's true form is capable of inducing a simple form of hypnotic mind control into humans and animals. This is most often done by opening the skeleton's mouth and revealing the lights, although prolonged staring into the eyes can also cause hypnosis.
  • Explosive Orbs: Lanthorne can generate small orbs of energy that resemble spiraling galaxies around his hands, which he can throw. These can cause small explosions. However, they have a slow flight speed.
  • Teeth: The Eldritch Thing has a mouth full of tiny, razor-sharp needle teeth.
  • M1840 Saber: A large saber, heavy and with a long blade. Lanthorne wears it to compliment his antique outfit and for combat.


  • Lanthorne's name comes from an old-fashioned spelling of the word lantern, relating to his similar appearance to a Will-o'-the-Wisp. Famous Weird Fiction author H. P. Lovecraft often used the word in his stories.
  • Lanthorne was based on Redjac from Star Trek: The Original Series and the bogeyman known as Bloody Bones/Rawhead.
    • Lanthorne's quote comes from a British children's rhyme about aforementioned bogeyman.
  • Lanthorne's design is a modified version of a skeleton by Wolverine041269. All credit goes to them.