The Snake like entity that is said to have forced Sol into seemingly eternal slumber.

Appearance Edit

Mandaz is a large serpent with rocky grey scales, and a pair of clawed arms. Its head is spiky like a dragon's, and spikes run down its back, with a large pair behind his arms. When it's mouth is wide open it sports a massive pair of fangs.

Personality Edit

Egotistical and uncaring, Mandaz has a god complex and wholly believes it is his destiny to rule the universe. He holds a Darwinist ideology concerning worth and life, with the idea being that he is at the top. It hates Sol, not just for its defeat but for his crusading in defense of lesser beings.

History Edit

Mandaz is an Eldritch Thing from another dimension. Thanks to its already powerful nature and its ethereal nature added upon crossover, the snake became convinced it was a god and went about converting others to its service.

Eventually his people invoked the ire of the Sol Entity, by trying to conquer his Garden. While the Retributions immolated their world the snake god wrestled with the sun god. While he sank his fangs into the chest of the fire giant, Mandaz was ultimately badly burned and badly beaten.

He was ultimately put in the Pit and chained there while his wounds heal.

Cult Edit

Worshiped by the Serpent People and other conquered races, only the Serpent Men still worship it. It demands sacrifice from its servants and held snakes as sacred. His symbol is a snake like rune.

Creations Edit

  • The Serpent People: Created specifically to worship it. They have been in decline since his imprisonment.
  • Battle Hydras: four legged, two headed dragons with serpentine necks, they breath out miasma.
  • Serpent Monsters: Collectively called the Sons of Mandaz, most, if not all have been destroyed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Size Change: Not just size but also length.
  • Psychic Power: Mandaz can hypnotize the weak minded. Supposedly he can cast illusions but he is too arrogant to use this ability.
  • Poison: both as a breath attack and his venom. It is so powerful it is said to be the reason Sol constantly sleeps.

Trivia Edit

  • It is inspired by this bit of artwork.
  • Its name is based on Manda from Naruto.
  • It's backstory is based on Set from the Conan Stories.
  • Its relationship with Sol is based on Apophis, the evil snake god/demon from Egyptian Myths who tried to eat the sun god Ra every night when he traveled through the underworld.
  • While it's venom is potent, it is not actually that powerful, something he is unaware of.