Mau is an unusual creature and the pet of Nephthys.


Cat FormEdit

This form is a simple female cat with dark grey fur and piercing green eyes. Her fur is thick and double-layered with a faint dusting of light grey. Dark stripes ring her tail.

True FormEdit

Mau's true form is a small yet bizarre, vaguely insectoid creature. She has seven sharp legs, six arrayed normally and the seventh emerging from the front of her body. Her head is shaped like a C, lacking eyes and covering three fanged maws. Seven armored rings wrap around her upper half, while four small wings sprout from her back.


Mau's race and homeworld is unknown, although it is possible that Z created her himself. At some point she ended up under the care of the Necrobane incarnation known as Nephthys, who kept her in her old mansion.


  • Mau's cat form was based on Zombiejiger's favorite cat, while her true form is a combination of the Pokémon Giratina's altered forme and the Sabaton song 7734. While Giratina has six bands, spikes and legs, forming 666, Mau has seven legs and rings, three mouths and four wings, forming 7734. 7734 is hELL upside-down, and 77(3+4) = 777 - 111 = 666.