Miasma is the power of darkness manifest. It is seen in dark Ultras and beings of darkness and some, truly evil, kaiju.

Appearance Edit

It appears as a black/purple/dark red energy field/gas.

Nature Edit

Miasma is effectively the opposite of Ultra Particles, where Ultra Particles are living examples of Photonic Particles, that bond with life forms, Miasma, is the dark life energy/particles of evil beings and some kaiju which chokes the life out of other beings. Only another Miasma creature or a being of light can survive it.

Miasma acts like a poison to normal life forms.

Examples Edit

  • Father of Darkness: radiated Miasma that would kill a being not of dark or light
  • Gatanozoa: Radiated it intentionally to destroy entire planets.
  • Mother of Shadows: Miasma was present in the Forbidden Lands because she was there for so long.
  • It can be found in the veins of children of shadows.
  • Dark Ultras have it instead of light energy.
  • Uzil The Great Heresy: He produces it and manipulates it for his spells and attacks.
  • Vagash: She can create it but not at Uzil's level or skill. She is however, able to create Miasma Jewels like him.
  • Miasma Jewels: Jewels of crystallized Miasma and sorcery, they are used to create and control Kaiju and or Miasma Ultranoids, who have them as their color timers.
  • Miasma Ultranoids: Ultranoids created by Miasma Jewels.