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The mother of shadows exists as a giant mass of shadows and tentacles with a face made of red lights for eyes and mouth that glows crimson from the inside. In inert mode, it apppears as a large black spider curled up into a perfect ball.


  • Height: Massive
  • Weight: Immense
  • Place of Origin: Unknown


  • Minus Energy: The mother of shadows can control Minus Energy
    • Feeding: Minus energy feeds her.
    • Energy Blasts: She can fire beams and light bullets based on Minus Energy.
    • Minus Field: She can generate a field of it to empower her children and move across space.
  • Spawning: As her name implies she can create shadows, dark balls of evil energy that will go on to create monsters. She can breath black smoke on large statues and turn them into monsters, any unprotected human caught in this will turn into a zombie like beast who is as good as dead.
  • Telepathy: The mother of monsters can communicate with her children and anyone else telepathically.


A bane to the universe, the mother's origins are lost to history the Mother of Shadows once attacked the Land of Giants with an army of her children and evil aliens in what was called the Darkness War. Among these allies were the Death Lords who seemed to have a connection to her kind. At the end both Ultraman Orion and Myth fought with her, as she tried to escape the battle in a wormhole. The commotion caused Orion and her servant to wind up in another dimension and Myth and herself in another Universe.

Heading to Earth she faced Ultraman Myth, the killer of many of her children, on the moon with an army of her offspring. Facing the Ultra who as at full power, the mother's children were all destroyed and she was defeated. The mother was sealed away but not destroyed. The giant of light saw that a large construct, the area which locals would refer to as the 'forbidden land', was built to maintain the barrier he made in haste.


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Eventually the mother escaped her prison in the events leading up to the Titan War. She hurried to rejoin her Father, causing many problems for the forces of light along the way.


  • Mother of Shadows was created in response to Bioniclezila76's suggestion for a Lovecraftian monster in the Ultraman Orion series.