Gifts to Necrobane, creations of Sol.

Appearance Edit

The Praetorians appear as robotic, but skeletal humanoids of black metal, with black talons, and skeletal cat heads with cowls. They are armed with pole arms, and have runes and hieroglyphs all over their bodies, mainly their rib cage. On their sternum are plaques which each bear a unique name, their serial code. Their eyes and runes glow a dim purple.

Nature Edit

Comprised of cursed Black Iron, they are animated by Z's dark powers in a means similar to necromancy, creating an 'anti-spark'. This nature allows them to instinctively track mortal beings via their life energy. They can also repair themselves, with their bodies coming back together short of utter vaporization.

They are also surprisingly agile and strong, and difficult to break as bullets and even lower yield missiles do nothing. They are unfeeling and do not stop unless they complete their task or are ordered otherwise. As their anti-sparks come from Necrobane, they are completely loyal to him.

History Edit

The Praetorians are the result of the Necrobane catching Sol in a generous mood. He agreed to tool the dark enchanted metal from Necrobane's realm and combine it with his knowledge of robots to create an undead robot legion for him.