A dark form of Magic used by some mages, it revolves around manipulation of the dead. It is a branch of dark magic.

Nature Edit

Necromancy revolves around the manipulation of the energies that keep the body working and bind the soul to it physical form. While other schools of magic concentrate on similar topics, they mainly use this knowledge to heal physical and mental maladies. In Necromancy, everything is about manipulation and like all dark magic, it is based on Minus Energy and dark emotions (think the darkside of the Force). It's ultimate goal is to distort life and death to suit the needs of the user. For this reason it is considered the Ultimate Heresy on many worlds

Common Spells Edit

  • Raised Dead: Self explanatory
    • Zombie: A basic Zombie
    • Skeleton: Contrary to what one would think a Skeleton is more powerful than a Zombie, as it is being moved not by it's rotting muscles, but by pure magic. It is thus harder to create.
  • Golems: Automatons created using similar mechanics to those used to raise the dead. Some Golems are powered by souls forced and bound to the construct.
  • Hexes: Using their knowledge Necromancers may inflect curses upon others, disrupting their life force in a variety of ways.

Advance Spells Edit

  • Alchemy: The use of magic to alter nonliving and living matter. It is used to create enchanted materials and objects but also breed/create monsters.
  • Undeath: The ultimate goal of many Necromancers is to put themselves in a state of Undeath, magically bind their souls to a corpse body, which is animated by magic, in this case, usually their own.
  • Blood Magic: Magic enhanced using blood as a medium, the fresher the better.
    • Vampirism
  • Drain Life: Drain the life force of another to sustain their own.
  • Soul Arts: The manipulation of souls and the mind
    • Psychic Attacks
  • Dark Bolt: A bolt of purple electricity, powered by hate
  • Dark Web: A field of purple electricity meant to block physical and energy attacks
  • Dreambeast: A field of energy that reacts psychically to the enemy, taking on the form of their greatest fear. it's default form is a field of purple electricity but it will quickly become a field of black miasma before morphing into its proper form.
  • Miasma: A corrupted form of what is called 'Ichor'. It takes the form of a dark purple gas, and is poisonous. Skilled masters can convert it into solid objects.
    • Wraith Jinn: Elementals of Dark Magic

Trivia Edit

  • Many of the spells were inspired by stuff from the Source Book, Book of the Sith.
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