Gifts to Necrobane, creations of Sol

Appearance Edit

Large robotic beings, with a body style like a centaur. Their lower halves are robotic cats, and their top halves are large men with skeletal cat heads, with green hoods. Their thick black armor plating has glowing green symbols and they sport shield blades on their arms. Their tails are like scorpion stingers.

Like their smaller counterparts, they can and will automatically rebuild themselves.

Nature Edit

Robots built of Dark Iron, and granted Anti-Sparks by Necrobane's necromancy, they are keen hunters of the living. Their tails shoot bolts of dark magic and their blades can cut all but the densest materials (enchanted things not withstanding) Anything hit by their tail beams can be tracked even across the multiverse and they are gifted with the power of transpace travel by their master. The only place they cannot go is other realms such as Sol's, i.e. other Titan Realm or those which have been magically sealed by a power equal or greater than their master's.

History Edit

Created by Sol as a favor to Necrobane, these creatures are stored in the dark one's palace until called for. Unrelenting hunters and juggernauts on the battlefield, they can tear through entire armies. They are sent out in the face of an invasion or when the dark lord has a particular beef with someone.