A place full of nothing, inhabited by the nameless Titan of Violence.


Once a very Earth-looking place, after the 'incident' it was totally destroyed, leaving a land of complete darkness, with no air or land or even gravity, with a few occadsional wisps floating around being the only sources of light.


The dimension was once ruled over by the Titan, and people lived their lives as usual, until one day the Titan was enraged by the people of his own world for seeing Gfpsswhep as their one true god. He fought the beast and easily defeated it, throwing it out into space where it was knocked out by an incoming comet, putting it into a comatose state. However, during the battle the world and all its inhabitants were destroyed, so the Titan 'reset' the entire dimension, leaving nothing but darkness with a few dim lights, also sealing off the dimension so he could be in solitude forever, unable to forgive himself.


  • Titan of Violence: The unnamed, and only sentient being in the entire realm, forced himself into solitude for all of eternity. He appears to be a giant knight, holding a giant sword.
  • Wisps: Tiny, living balls of light that float around, they are the only source of light in this realm.


  • Uninvited guests: Somehow if an entity makes it to this realm, the Titan will either banish or kill them, though he's alright with a certain few like Sol or Zombiejiger, or the ruler of the Hollow Planes.