A deadly part of space known for being nigh impossible to get through.

Nature Edit

The Ocean of Stars is a gargantuan nebulae that from a distance looks like a pool of shining blue waters sparkling in the void of space. From its center shines a bright light. Internally it is a hectic and dangerous place, plagued by Plasma Storms yet home to numerous solar systems which are often constantly being destroyed and replaced. The Plasma Storms get worse the further in one goes, with lightning bolts bigger in diameter than many stars, and potent enough to vaporize massive planets with ease.

History Edit

The Ocean of Stars is located in the home universe of the Titans, yet it predates them, being home to many legends. Tales say it is the home of a goddess, others say a monster is sealed there. It is often associated with the name Tempest/Tempus and that is the result of some ancient conflict between Titan Princes. No one goes there, no longer attempt to brave its depths as it seems as thought the nebulae itself works to keep back intruders. Even the Princes seems to instinctively know to stay away, yet refuse to comment on who or what dwells within there.