Odorf is a worm-like Eldritch that sits in one spot until something passes over it, it then catches its prey with its mandibles at high speeds.


Despite its rather...grotesque...appearance, Odorf is actually pretty intelligent, it resolves in ambushes rather than direct confrontations. It hid its brain in an unknown dimension as if its brain is destroyed, it will be unable to regenerate.


It resembles a giant bobbit worm/Eunice aphroditois. It has an average length of 2 kilometres, though, there are some reported accounts where it was of longer lengths. Its mandibles have been recorded to go up to 50 metres long, virtually creating a death trap.


  • Hyper Speed: It can move at high speeds to catch prey.
  • Mandibles: Odorf's mandibles are razor sharp, being able to cut through most materials with ease.
  • Regeneration/Immortality: Odorf has an extreme healing factor that will allow it to recover from any damage received, even if it is reduced to space dust. Though, this ability will be disabled once its brain is destroyed.


  • The creator of this page, Clee26, created this page due to his disgust towards bobbit worms.
  • The name 'Odorf' was suggested by admin Zombiejiger.
    • The name 'Bobbin' was also suggested by user Sentinel72, though the creator found the name too cute for something that looked like this.
    • When the creator first heard of this name, he immediately thought of the phrase, "Eliminate Odorf (s) with Febreze Air Fresheners", which was a parody of Febreze's catchphrase, "Eliminate odors with Frebreze Air Fresheners."