A school of magic that revolves around the use of magic paper. It's official name is Paper Magic, but it is referred to in code as 'Paperwork'.

Nature Edit

Paper Magic revolves around the use of enchanted paper, for a variety of means. The Paper is often use with ink, or folded origami style to produce an effect. The use is rather intuitive as the paper itself is magical in a nature.

As magic paper, they are not easily burned by normal fire, but supernatural fire has better chances depending on the fire and the user.

History Edit

Paper Magic has been used by the Princes and other magical beings to write magical books.

Cubicles Edit

Due to their natural abilities being so potentially destructive, to facilitate their charge of guarding the dragon and dealing with breaches, the Angeloids decided to use Paper Magic, to supplement their need for mystical might.

Common Spells Edit

  • Shield: A shield of paper to block an attack
  • Armor: Paper worn on the user as armor to protect against physical and direct attacks.
  • Wall: The user erects wall of papers.
  • Talismans/Wards: Special pages that are stuck to walls or objects for various reasons\
    • Hiding: Renders the object invisible or simply unnoticed by any passerby
    • Wards/Shields: Generates protective fields between two or more of these.
    • Detection: If a creature or person is nearby an image appears and changes based on the proximity. These may also work to keep the being out. In the latter case they are best used in groups.
    • Traps:
    • Excorsim: Keeps out dark forces, or expells them. When use on a dark magical beast/being, they cause pause and/or paralysis.
  • Elemental Summons: Sacrifices a paper with a special drawing on it, to conjure an elemental blast of energy
  • Paper Currents: Streams of paper that can cut and slash the enemy.
  • Card Seals: Masters can seal objects and beasts in sheets of paper or 'cards'.
  • Origami: Golems summoned and made out of paper.
  • Teleportation: Usually in a cyclone of paper.
  • Holy Shield: Similar to the Teleportation trick. Paper covered in holy script is used to fight of dark/infernal enemies.
  • Monster Summons: A user draws something on their using ink, and it comes to life as a living drawing.
  • Reality Warping: The user conjures a drawing of a real life place, and depending on what they do/draw, they cause something to happen/change. It is a high level technique
  • Remote Viewing: Views a location via moving drawing, or throws up several pages which somehow conjure a scrying pool.

Dark/Forbidden Spells Edit

  • Death Book:

Trivia Edit

  • Based on characters from an Episode of 2011 Thundercats.
  • It is uncertain how this stuff relates to Paperwork which assaults the Titan Sol, but most likely it is created using Paper Magic.