The Plain Lands is the realm of a being only known as Sentinel.

Appearance Edit

The Plain Lands is a large empty grassland with a small cottage located near the only river and lake in the realm. The realm is directly connected with the Sentinel's thoughts, changing the weather and even time based on his mood.

Inhabitant Edit

  • Sentinel: The great watcher and the only one living on the Plain Lands, Sentinel keeps an eye on the realm to make sure that the cottage is not attacked.

Locations Edit

  • The Great Cottage: A small cottage with hidden secrets. Some say that it hides the secret of everything he sees. It represents Sentinel's mind.
  • The Great Lake: A large empty lake with water as clear as glass. However, it is extremely lethal against anyone apart from The Sentinel. It represents Sentinel's spirit.
  • The Great River: The only river on the realm. It represents Sentinel's will.

Concerns Edit

  • Akreious: The Sentinel tries to make sure that Akreious doesn't disturb the Plain Lands due to his utter randomness.