A technology that allows for the materializing of objects and even entities.

Nature Edit

Based on the process called Bio-Merge (see Digimon Tamers) where matter/beings from a matterless universe/dimension crossover and materialize in a universe based on matter, Realize Technology is a synthesized version of this.

With the 'Realize Particles', which are based on Trans-Mat technology and Cross Phase Physics, Realize technology can create replicas of things programmed in a computer, such as weapons, objects, or even recreations of entire monsters based on stored data.

Realize Particles Edit

The bases of this technology, realize particles are synthetic particles of a unique phase, separate from the current universe's. As such, on their own, they are mostly harmless and phase through any and everything and can be stored in mass, usually in pocket dimensions, without issue and cramped into very small spaces. When subjected to a realize field, they organize, gain mass, and behave as told forming anything from weapons such as blasters to organisms, for so long as the field lasts.

Realize Fields Edit

The means to control Realize Particles, they are 'Special Signals' which are attuned to the Realize Particles, and carry the programmed instructions that tell them what to become.